Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun in the harbour

Recently a friend and I headed down to the inner harbour and checked out the buskers. This guy was juggling fire, while balanced on a metal pipe. There was some amazing artists selling their wares. I love looking at what people have created. It was fun to step away for a couple hours from it all... 

Monday, August 29, 2011

School is coming.... yes it is!

This year the return to school is a biggie for me. My twins will be heading to kindergarten. Full day kindergarten! I havet had full days to myself since before kids. My twins arrived just as my oldest was heading into kindergarten.... so while I am dreading not seeing the little gaffers all day, I am looking forward to getting life back to some kind of "normalcy".
Having my Mother inlaw, who has alzhiemers, to help requires quite a bit of time too. So I will hardly be rolling in the free hours. But I am SO looking forward to organizing my house.
We live in a small house... a very small house. I could say its cozy.. but most of the time its too cozy for comfort. Five of us in a two bedroom home.. plus a dog.... yeah you get the picture! While I clean one area, the rest of the house is being "uncleaned" quickly.
I am also hoping to get some challenges for myself going... I was reading a blog today on organization.. decluttering, and I saw a discussion on taking on a challenge a month of stopping something. Quite a few were trying to not swear for a month.. I need to give it some thought but I like the idea. Challenging yourself feels good. Here is the link to the blog, incase you want to read it for yourself.