Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bodipure Hand and Foot Treatment Review

I had the opportunity to try two Bodipure products. They were in the FabFitFun Spring box. The All in one hand treatment and the all on one foot treatment.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the smell.. it wasn't a strong or over powering smell but it was very pleasant. I used the all in one foot treatment first. separating the two booties and slipping your feet into them is very easy to do.

Once on the first thing I have to say is it feels very strange.. I was prepared for it.. or so I thought. It isn't so much that it is unpleasant, as it is just ... well a strange feeling.  I had intended to sleep with the booties on and get the maximum absorption, but I was not able to. All I was able to leave them on for was about an hour.. which is longer than the minimum time that is suggested but I was disappointed that I caved in.

I made sure that while on I massaged the treatment into my skin and made sure it was evenly distributed over my foot through the booties.
When I took the booties off I smoothed the remaining cream over my feet and in the course of a few minutes it was all absorbed. My feet felt very nice.. but the best was the following morning, they felt amazingly soft. I am a barefooted girl and I have to watch my feet because they do dry out. I was left with wonderfully, baby soft feet.

Using the mits was very similar to the booties although getting your fingers into the right slots took a little bit longer. The feel was still very strange and  you need to be able to spend some time doing nothing.. good time to watch a movie!

I did the same as before and massaged the product through the gloves making sure everywhere was covered throughout the process. Taking pictures once the gloves were on was a bit challenging lol.

I left the gloves on for about an hour and when taking them off made sure I massaged in the cream well. My hands felt very soft and as with my feet I noticed it even more so the next morning.

I am pretty impressed with this product. I would definitely use it again.

Monday, June 27, 2016