Friday, January 30, 2009


Sometimes we need a distraction. Some things can't be changed and you just have to deal with them. This past week, was a case of that, for me. Being sick, with sick kids and a sick husband..... I just had to suck it up and let it run its course. I felt like going to bed and sleeping for a week....While others slept, I went to the beach and then picked Kristin up from school. We went to an old Artillery Fort that was built in the 1890's, and explored a bit. Sometimes distractions are fun :)
These pictures are all better viewed in full size! Click on them to see them full and then click your back button to come back.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A promise

It is far to early to be thinking of spring. These buds that I found in our yard hold out the promise though that it will be coming. How nice that we can always count on certain things.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The wild life

This adorable little guy was looking for something to eat. I threw him a few cashews and he let me take his picture :)
These squirrels are not native to here and are slowly taking over. Our native squirrel is a very dark color. Still, they are super cute! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drizzly Days

Sunday was drizzly, misty wet day. Not really wet enough to call it rain but dismal all the same. If you live anywhere along the coast you know what I mean. It was a planned picture day and I did attempt but the day was pretty dark, not the promising sunny day the weather forecaster predicted. I still had fun. Fed some seals by hand at Fisherman's Wharf, got some fresh air and chats with a friend. I did get a few pictures too

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pieces of me

Today I was trying to take some new pics of me. I thought I would update my profile pic as it is a couple months old. So I took about 200 pictures (okay yes 3/4 of them was me making faces at the camera! ) and I only got a handlful that I don't hate and only because they are heavily cropped. :) Oh well better a piece than nothing, I guess.
I was going to write today about how I received a win that I was notified of yesterday. I won a Homebasics contest, "Monthly Clean Up and Win with Vim Draw", I won $1000. I was very excited to get the email. Frankly it couldn't of come at a better time! They did an email money transfer and I have alsready received the money. Gotta love contests!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some body flog me!

I fell off the wagon, resolution wise.
Tonight I had to do some grocery shopping..... well there were SO many good deals. I walked away from lots of them....But there was these diego play sets (my twins are really into dora and diego) and were on for 4.44 from 11.99.
I will put them away for Easter or maybe Valentines.
Everything else I bought was okay. I got bulk packs of meat and split them up, only the fruit and veggies that were on sale. I even bought discount creamo, lol. It expires in a couple days but that it okay I will bake with what ever is left over from tea and coffee.
I am disapointed in myself, but it could of been a lot worse.
I definetly need to go shopping an infrequently as possible. Staying right out of the store seems to be the key :(
After all my worry about the picture taking that was supposed to happen tonight, the owner never showed up. So I got my picture taken again with the employees and took my certificate and left. If I don't go shopping there I won't have to see the pciture, lol. Another no shopping bonus!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tomorrow I get to go and pick up my certificate I won. My $2000 travel voucher. I have to go meet the owner of the store and get my picture taken with him. I hate getting my picture taken! I always look worse than I think I do, and trust me, that is saying a lot!
One advantage of being behind the camera is not being in the pictures. I don't seem to have any say in this, as they want everyone to know I won. Their words, not mine, lol. I am completely happy being anonymous. I have no idea what I am going to wear......
I don't know what is going to be done with this picture. Is it going to be just hung in the store? Will it go in the paper (Heaven forbid!)? On Christmas eve when I received the call that I had won this, the manager asked me to come in and pick up a certificate saying I had won. She insisted on having a picture with me and the employees that were working at the time. Her camera wasn't work right so I had to stand through a bunch of shots and I know my face went from "happy that I won" to "taped on fake smile", with the, "are we done" look.
Oh well, I guess I won't care when I am sipping margaritas on some cruise... :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

I recently received a copy of Sophie Kinsella's book, "Can you keep a secret?" in the mail. I am only few chapters in and I am finding it a very good book. Very funny, light reading. After a long day I enjoy curling up with a book, a nice entertaining book... nothing that makes me think too hard or stresses me out.....this seems to be one. I hear that all her books are great, I just might have to check them out after this one!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Just days to enjoy

The first day of the year was wet and cold... but hey at least it wasn't snow! Kristin and I met up with some friends. We went for lunch and then because nothing was open, we went to the beach. The kids threw things in the water, finally ending up in the water! Kristin had snow boots on that we waterproof up a bit from the sole, not waterproof enough for water though. When we got in the car she was wiggling around her feet and said, "can't you hear the water?" I got out of the car and went around to her side, pulled off one boot and poured out at least 2 cups of water from each boot. Little beggar! Very cold water it was too.
Anyway, while the kids played us adults "played" with our camera's. As always there were lots of swans and geese, there was also some sand pipers and little ducks. I really enjoy seeing them and they are fun to take pictures of.