Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some body flog me!

I fell off the wagon, resolution wise.
Tonight I had to do some grocery shopping..... well there were SO many good deals. I walked away from lots of them....But there was these diego play sets (my twins are really into dora and diego) and were on for 4.44 from 11.99.
I will put them away for Easter or maybe Valentines.
Everything else I bought was okay. I got bulk packs of meat and split them up, only the fruit and veggies that were on sale. I even bought discount creamo, lol. It expires in a couple days but that it okay I will bake with what ever is left over from tea and coffee.
I am disapointed in myself, but it could of been a lot worse.
I definetly need to go shopping an infrequently as possible. Staying right out of the store seems to be the key :(
After all my worry about the picture taking that was supposed to happen tonight, the owner never showed up. So I got my picture taken again with the employees and took my certificate and left. If I don't go shopping there I won't have to see the pciture, lol. Another no shopping bonus!
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