Sunday, October 16, 2016

Living in an uncertain economy

Hearing stories worldwide about the economy puts a little fear into peoples hearts. We hear of whole countries that are basically bankrupt. There is comparison to the great depression. Could we end up like that again?

The thought of that is pretty scary when one considers how dependent we are on the government now. How unprepared we are living in compact housing and cities with very little green space. At least in days gone by most people had a yard where they could grow some food. How would we cope?

There are lots of great gardening ideas on the web for planting a container garden on your balcony.. or maximizing your growing potential of your tiny yard.. but could that ever be enough?

There are some basic things that we should all know how to do.. even if we never have the need too. One of those things is to growing basic vegetables.. lettuce, potatoes, corn, carrots... of course depending on where you live the list would look different. But knowing how to grow some things that could at the least, supplement your diet could mean a huge difference to your health.

Cooking is another thing. It looks a lot different today than it did in the leaner years. Learning some basic recipes that are easy to make with limited, and obtainable ingredients.. what ever is cheap.. is essential to survival.

Repairing your stuff... when money isn't plentiful you have to make due. In our throw away society we aren't used to that and we also don't have things that are made to last. Could you sew your clothes if you needed too? How about repair your shoes?

Canada was hit really hard by the depression. By all accounts we were hit harder than most other countries. Spending was down by 42% and 30% of the population was unemployed.

Preparing ourselves for what ever adversities could come our way is a smart thing to do. You may never have to worry about money but the lessons one can learn can mean you also don't have to spend it unnecessarily.

I found a really interesting youtube channel called  Great Depression Cooking. Clara, who has now passed away teaches you how to make some very simple meals with what was available then.

I learned many things from my Grandma and I am so grateful that I listened to her... wish I could ask her many more things now though.

Do you have any skills that an elderly family member or friend taught you?
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