Thursday, July 12, 2018

Little things.. are sometimes big things

Today the girls and I had a couple hours to kill while my oldest was at a long appointment. We went to the park but it was so busy we didn't stay. So the next stop was the cemetery... Sounds macabre but it is 8 acres along the waterfront, beautiful with old trees and paths. There are gorgeous old headstones, big ones that are carved in pretty stone and ones that are so old you can not make out the wording. Wandering around are deer that are barely afraid of you. In short, it is more like a park than a cemetery.  The headstones are interesting to read. Many have details about their life and work. No matter how many times we go, we always see something different. 
It was so hot today that we were appreciating the shade from the big trees. There was two little Bambi's there, still with their spots. A lovely 4 point buck had found a secluded place to lay down and a Mommy crow was giving lessons to her baby. We hurried along because the last thing you want to do is tick crows off. I know someone that was dive bombed and had them throwing their bodies into the back of their head when they accidentally got too close to their young. 
While walking I spotted a card "hanging" on a little branch of a tree. I went over to check it out and found this. 
Curiously I opened it and read. 
What a delightful little surprise. How kind and thoughtful of someone to do something so random. Purely to make another person feel good. I carefully put it back so someone else could discover it as well. 

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