Thursday, August 7, 2014

A fishy tale

Today the kids and I went to the pet store.. that is sort of like going to the zoo for my kids lol. They have a lot of different creatures there .. cats for adoption, snakes, spiders, birds, lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice.. and a huge display of fish.

We went for something specific today. We have a large 100 gallon tank and recently we have had an explosion of snails. I was given some live plants and the eggs must have been on them. The tank, almost over night is just full. We tried containing the problem by picking the ones we could see, but soon realized that was like plugging a hole in a damn with our finger! Futile!

I did a lot of research and looked at what our options were. One option was to treat the tank with some stuff that would kill them.. but we also have ghost shrimp, and it would of killed them. The other option was to get some Loaches.. they love snails. Seemed like the right thing to do to me!

So we got two

But do you think we could get out of there with only them!?! No way.. We also came home with two more mollies (we already have a healthy amount of them) AND... duh duh duuuuh... a Peacock Eel
I had a couple of them long long ago and loved them. They were friendly, I was able to hand feed them and they also loved swimming inbetween my fingers if I put my hand in the tank. This guy was bought for my oldest daughter. He is buried in the substrate right now, so we will have to see how friendly he turns out to be.
***Pictures from pet store website, not my own***
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