Friday, August 29, 2014

Saucy Spaghetti

Today was a bit crazy... did a lot of running around. The oldest daughter has gone camping with friends. Lucky duck.. we have had a fire ban here for sometime, but it was lifted just recently. So they will be roasting marshmallows galore.

I tackled the mountain of tomatoes... well not really a mountain, only 25 pounds worth. But I am telling you, by the time I was half way through it felt like a mountain. I had a system going.. prick the skin of the tomatoes.. 10 at a time.. pop into boiling water... watch for the skin to crack, then scoop out and plunge into a bowl of ice water. Then quickly put 10 more in the boiling water.. peeling the first 10 while waiting on those ones. Squeeze the juice out and repeat.. many more times!

The reason was for all this was for spaghetti sauce. We eat a fair bit of pasta here.. I love it, the kids love it.. hubby tolerates it.

I had to cook the sauce in two batches, as I didn't have a pot big enough for it all. While the first one was simmering, I ask hubby to cut up some hot pepper to go in.. I said, three peppers.. 1 1/2 for each batch. These peppers were smoking hot.. when I made salsa the other day I had a burning thumb from doing a single swipe to get the seeds out of  ONE. No was was I touching them again. Hubby has calloused hands from his work.. so it doesn't bother him. Well... he heard me wrong... he put all three into one batch. AND mixed it up. *sigh* it is very spicy!

Oh well.. I will most likely use it in some lasagna at some time.

The second batch was much better...

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