Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Day of Summer Break

Today was the last day of freedom for the kidlets... We had to get a few more things on their supply list, and then we were determined to do something fun. They were pretty darn patient as we ran from store to store. In between markers and thesaurus's we went into a grocery store and I asked for some fish trimmings... we bought three bags for $1 each.  We went and had ice cream and a little walk through an old cemetery.. the kids found some interesting things there,
Acorn hats.. each came home with a pocketful of acorns to plant.

There was a large wasp nest that had fallen from a tree.. There were no wasps around, but the paper was fascinating to the girls. It really is remarkable that what they do with some chewed up wood.

This gorgeous old tree's roots were growing around thise cobblestones.. I found it kind of cool

Someone painted this little rock and left it on a grave..

Then we went to feed the seals.. They are such hams.

As we were leaving, it started to rain. The girls were talking about how much fun they'd had on the way to the car..  love that :)
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