Monday, September 15, 2014

Look what I got in the mail! Pantene Ultimate 10 in 1 Bzz Kit

Look what I got in the mail! Pantene Ultimate 10 in 1 Bzz Kit. Haven't heard of Bzz yet?? You should head over and sign up.. you have the opportunity to bzzz products.. try them and then spread the word. I personally love trying new products.. I love being some of the first to see how wonderful new things on the market work. I also love sharing this with my friends.
I am a Pantene lover to begin with.. it really does make my hair feel wonderful. I have long hair and a lot of products leave it feeling like straw. Pantene always leaves it silky and smooth. I get compliments all the time on my hair. So that says a lot.. when a stranger comes up to you in a store and says, "you have such beautiful hair" always embarrasses me a bit lol.
Anyways I was excited when the mailman delivered my Bzz kit today. I opened it up and snapped a pic right away. He was very early so I hadn't had my shower yet.. perfect timing! I was very pleased with how my hair felt and looked after using the shampoo, conditioner and 10in1 treatment.
If it feels this good after one use.. how will it feel after 10!?!
Always nice to get something in the mail besides bill.. great start to the day!
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