Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things I find while shopping!

Having a sense of humour makes life a lot more interesting! I can find humour in the most unusual places... but shopping.. well, always be on the look out!

Here is a few of what I have found and noted in the past. I admit some of them are a lack of translation (I think.. I hope!) but they do make you snicker.

Hygienic, Flavourful & Tasty... Mmmm

Gun Powder Tea.. wake up with a bang!

Not sure what to say about this one... 

Fungus wood ear???? huh?

Might need some of this after the last few!

Seen at the local thrift store.. bored husband perhaps?

My kind of pricing!

So, as I tell my kids.. slow down, look around.. you will be amazed what you will see!
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