Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It has been a wonderful Christmas. I had so much fun watching it all through the eyes of my little ones. My twins were old enough this year to "get" some of it, and to enjoy it. They loved opening presents! Kristin is young enough to still believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa.
I received a wonderful present, a macro lens. I am anticipating tons of fun with that! I feel very blessed to have had my family to spend this day with. I know there are lots of people that are not so lucky. We have not lost sight of the true meaning of this day.
Yesterday afternoon I had a call from a local store to tell me I had won a contest they were hosting. I won a $2000 travel voucher to a local travel agency. I think the fun part of it, is being able to dream about where I can go now :)
I hope you all had as a wonderful day and felt the peace and love of this special holiday.

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