Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ornamental Snow

We had a cold spell hit us here, feels like -10 with the wind chill 60km winds and about 6 inches of snow. We seldom get snow, maybe a few days a year and our temps are also very seldom below freezing. Basically it shuts our city down when it gets like this, and because none of us are prepared/experienced to drive in it, it is better that we stay off the roads anyways!

When the kids went down for their naps I went out to take pics. I had no gloves and no winter jacket, so it wasn't long before my fingers and toes were numb and my battery was dead in the camera. I was suprised how quick the cold, sapped the battery.

I am sure the neighbors are completely convinced I am nuts.

I played around with textures a bit with these ones. I am not sure if I like them or not. It was interesting though.


Our poor little humming birds were looking for some food. Not many flowers to be found now. We made sure their feeder was full, and I will also make sure it gets thawed out a couple times a day.

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