Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bread Alternative

A little while back I mentioned how I grind my flax meal and make muffins from it, with protein powder instead of flour. It is very low carb because it is extremely high in fibre. Well, the last time I went to make muffins I discovered that I had only a few muffin papers. So necessity being the mother of all invention, I put the rest of the mix in a bread pan and made it into bread. And I love it! Now I can have a sandwich, or french toast (with sugar free syrup of course) etc etc. It had opened up a whole new low carb avenue for me.
I needs to be cut fairly thin, as it is quite dense. I got a whopping 34 slices out of this loaf.

It is sliced at about 1/3 of an inch. The only down fall is how expensive this is too make. This is a triple batch of the muffin mix and took 12 eggs! Eek. So it is a good thing I can cut it so thin! But the two loaves will go a long way for me.
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