Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rumaging around at a rumage sale

Today our bookkeeper was having a larger rummage sale at a church. She runs a animal rescue called "cats cradle" and does fundraisers like this to help the kitties.
Well far be it from me to miss helping out some animals, and doing a little shopping along the way never hurt either!
I got some little things for my kids stockings, a cat bed and toys for our two cats, a lovely scarf for my Mother a puzzle for my Mother in law... It is all hidden at the moment from my oldest daughters prying eyes.
I saw the most beautiful decanter, I am not actually sure what it would be called. It is a wonderful cut glass container with a very ornate zinc top. It looks like it would be for coffee or tea? It is made in Italy and I fell in love with it. I walked back to it a few times and hummed and hawed but decided I didn't need it. I am truly trying to watch money right now. My Step Sister was with me and saw how much I loved it so she grabbed it for me and insists that it is my Christmas present :)
I did splurge and bought myself a purse ( I should be blushing right now!) I DO have a bit of a purse obsession!
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