Friday, November 7, 2008

Some very wet days

We have been having some typical West Coast weather. Rain, and by rain I don't mean a few drops or even showers.. it has been a deluge of water. Two days worth so far. If you have spent any time on the West Coast you know what I am talking about. Water runs down roads, the wipers on the car just part the water on the windshield, not wipe it off. Yesterday after taking my daughter too school, I looked like I had just had a shower in my clothes.

I have a bucket that I use for cleaning, just outside the front door it has at least 4 inches of water in it now.

After telling my twins that it was good weather for ducks, they have started quacking :)

I heard we might be getting some wind with this, another typical West Coast pleasure. Of course after days of rain, trees start coming down when we get heavy wind. Oh well, it's how we keep so green and pretty here and we can't stop it anyway so we might as well look on the bright side.

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