Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call me Martha

I am starting to feel all domestic, or domesticated (hmm? lol) I did more canning today. I canned 11 jars of pears. It felt like an accomplishment and that seems pathetic! I may actually buy some more pears tomorrow and do a few more jars. My kids love canned pears and the price of the ones in the stores is horrible. The large noname can is 1.97 and it has two pears in it. That's crazy. Anyway, I will see how energetic I am and what kind of mood Hanna and Leah are in tomorrow.
So as I was pealing pear after pear, I couldn't help but think about the people in the past that had to can things. This was not a choice, there were no stores open til midnight for shopping convenience and probably not a lot or money to shop with anyway. We always like to think we have come so far, but really have we? Seems like we are always busy with a lot of things, that dont really matter...
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