Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fruits of my labour

So yesterday I had an opportunity (thanks to my Mom, who watched the girls!) to go blackberry picking. I was able to get a bucketfull, which was more than I thought I would. This year hasn't been the best for blackberries around here. While picking I saw the biggest spider. I included a pic of it, none of the pics are very good. All were taken with my blackberry phone and it was windy. But because he was SO big, (and that is not an optical illusion, He really was that size in comparison to my hand)I had to include him. I am not terribly afraid of spiders, but that guy commanded some respect. I was a little less eager to stick my hands where I couldn't see after seeing him and the few relative that were around.
Now, I am trying to live a low carb lifestyle, so jam is not in the picture for me. However Kristin, loves jam so I have an excuse to make it. I have very fond memories of picking blackberries with my Grandma. We would walk up the road they lived on, past a lake and pick bucketfulls. Then we would head home and I would smell that sweet blackberry smell all through the house as she was cooking it. She made the best jam (and pretty much everything else!) and it tasted even better on her homemade buns. So it gives me warm fuzzy feelings to make it too.
This morning I got busy and made the berries into jam. I was going to can pears today too, but I am not sure if that is going to happen. I was up at the wee small hours with Hanna, so my energy level is dragging.
I drove my Mom to the bus yesterday evening and then took the girls to get an icecream cone. Beacon Drive in, it is the BEST icecream. We pulled over and watched a cruise ship leave port while they ate. Again the pics are off my phone, so they are not the best. But where else but Victoria can you see a sunset like that, a cruise ship leaving and a helicopter all in one pic lol.

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