Friday, September 26, 2008

Turkey Vultures

I have a over sized couch in front of my living room window. Its deep and comfy, dark brown corduroy and I enjoy sitting with my back up against the arm of the couch, with my legs up. In this position I can look at the water. It is lovely having a water view even if it is somewhat, between rooftops. The water is a gorge, so while it is tidal, it is calmer than crashing waves (which I would love equally). It is so alive, there is always something going on. There is the rowing club on the other side, I look almost directly at it. A number of Dragon boat groups practice out of there. We get some seals and otters, especially when the herring come in to lay their eggs. There is a large park to one side of us and between the water and the park we see a lot of different birds. One bird we see quite regularly here is the turkey vulture. The picture that comes to mind when you say vulture, is usually not a pleasant one. But they are very graceful fliers. They are not strong flyer's apparently and we, more often than not, see them coasting in the air currants. Today I was surprised to see a huge number of them together. I did a bit of a search and they are migrating right now and their groups can reach 100's. Well I didn't see quite that many I did manage to get a couple pictures of the circling.
The pictures open up to full size if you click on them.

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