Monday, September 15, 2008

Having twins

Pretty much every time I go out with my twins we get stopped. It is not quite as much as it was when they were tiny. Now that they are two they quite often get upset when people come up to them, so I guess that keeps some people at bay.
We are often rushing, sometimes because of lack of time but most times because there is only so much two, two year olds will tolerate. Sitting in a stroller or a cart when they want to run and seeing a ton of stuff they want to get their hands on is a recipe for disaster if you are going slow. Add nap times and any other factor and you tread very lightly (err quickly!?) around them. My girls are very sweet and pretty even tempered but they are not good shoppers, neither was my older one. My children want to go, go, go. Anyway, there are times when I am more than willing to stop for a moment so people can see the girls. Elderly people are very sweet most of the time to the girls. Also when there is someone with a small child that wants to come over, I usually take the extra time.
I answer questions a lot. Most of the questions I get tend to be the same from everyone.
1. "Are they twins?" There is an evil side of me that has always wanted to answer no to this silly question! I mean it seems pretty obvious, well to me.
2. "Are they identical?" Yes, they are and that just fascinates people. The next few questions I get are always after that one. "Which one is the bad one?" That question really peeves me, its rude and lets face it most kids have moments when they are not perfect but would a parent really ever label one of their twins the "bad" one! "How can you tell them apart?" Hmm well in our daughters case, most of the time I don't have a problem. Sometimes when I can't seen them straight on I am not sure. Looking back at baby pictures sometimes I have to go forward or back to see who was wearing what outfit.
The other comments that drive me crazy at times is when someone walking by us says, "Oh double trouble" they always think they are so smart saying that, lol. Honestly if I had a dime for everytime I have heard that one I would be doing pretty good. But the one that I am always rather hurt by is "better you than me!" I always smile and think in my head, yeah you got that right!.
I love my girls. They have turned our world upside down :) no doubt about that! But I couldn't imagine not having them. There are days, when I think (I admit it) I am not doing a great job at parenting them. I get tired and sometimes it feels like there is so much to be done and not enough of me to go around. But thankfully we don't ever fail at parenting in one day. We get another shot the next. I do the best I can each day and make sure I give out lots of hugs and "I love you." Cuddles are great times two :)


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I have said/thought many of those comments myself when seeing twins. I truly mean it though when I say "better you than me." I think it takes very special people to raise twins or triplets. (I have friends with both.) I could hardly keep up with one. You are very lucky though to have three such healthy and happy children. Here's another trite phrase: "Enjoy them while they are young. They grow up too fast." That one's definitely true. Our four are grown and on their own and how I wish I had them back for hugs and smoochies.

Momtosweeties said...

You know, most of the time the comments from people don't bother me. Most people really do mean well. There is the odd person that makes the "better you than me" with a smirk and laugh afterwards. I guess that is what I find hurtful.
The rest of the people I know mean well and that is why I usually have the patients to stop and answer the questions. :) I really do enjoy seeing elderly people with them. We went to a home for a Christmas concert that my daughter did in her Kindergarten class. Afterwards I was asked by the people who ran the place if I would mind taking the girls around so people could see them. I really enjoyed doing that. I had to laugh though because most of the people were smitten with the girls and amazed by the stroller!
I agree they do grow fast, I can't believe 7 years has gone by so fast with my older daughter. I do try and make sure that I always have time for cuddles. I know that is something I don't want to look back and think "i wish I had taken more time".
Take care :)

Clane Gessel said...


Sorry for the slow rely, I've been in Canada for a couple days. Pentax makes some great products. Reading books doesn't help me, but you can learn valuble tools on cameras on youtube!! Who knew??
Type in camera tutorial or using your Dslr on youtube and view some of the videos that come up, it helps me!

I NEVER shoot RAW, it's a waste of everything! RAW captures more information about the picture, but then you have to go edit every photo, I only use RAW for landscapes, never for photos with people. JPGs are just fine, and it will save you time and energy.

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I recommend Adobe Photoshop CS3, it's the 800lb gorilla of photo editing software, except it's $600.

Well worth it, there's nothing at all it can't do! Glad to help out, let me know if you have any other questions!

Hill upon Hill said...

Excellent. Definitely agree with you on all of those counts....
Having 4 children we get some bad comments too: like is that the lot now or when will you stop?

Momtosweeties said...

When I was pregnant with the twins and going through the TTTS I would go to an online support group for it. On there was a woman who was having her third set of twins, and I believe they were number 16 or 17in her family. So, it was funny to hear people referring to my family as being a large family. I guess it is a good thing I didn't start having kids younger, or who knows..
I think large families are wonderful :)

Bonnie said...

WOW! They are very cute. My sister and I are, are identical as well. My mom always had people ask her if we were twins...Now, when my sister and I were growing up and to this day, people still ask us...Are we twins? Duh, of course I don't say that. We are now 44 years old too. My twin is named Connie also.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

Connie said...

Very cute babies...I was viewing my twin sister's blog and noticed that someone wrote a message on comment with the name funny is that? I have 2 daughters that are 18 months apart and people ask them if they are twins, can you believe that? It never ends either.

Connie J.

cushiebunny said...

Cool beans, I was hoping to catch an update on the twins by reading your blog. In the process I perhaps have learned what not to say when I see a couple of cuties myself.