Friday, September 12, 2008

I am attempting to get organised

The past week I have been making a valiant attempt to get more organised. Our house is small, too small for us. We are in a two bedroom and there are five of us. When we were thinking about having a second child we had already decided that we would be moving in the future, but that we could "cram" one small baby in for a little while. Well as our luck goes, we had twins. Then the selling plans went out the window after they were born because our new roof failed and we had to have out place completely gutted. We lived in a hotel for a month and a half and a vacation home for another two and a half weeks. It was quite the adventure!

Anyway, we are closer to selling but still have some big things we want to get finished in the house to get maximum dollar.

As we are still here and who knows for how much longer, I need to get things cleared out. I have been doing a very in depth clean. I realised that a lot of time as I took things out and sorted, it was kind of done mindlessly. I would put things back that should of been thrown out. Case in point, a solitary earring that sat on my desk for who knows how long. I don't even know who's earring it is. But every time I cleared off my desk, I would put it right back in the same place it had been. ???? Okay so enough of that. I am really looking at things now. Do I need it? Is there a good reason for keeping it? If it is something I think I might use in the future, would it cost much to replace it then?

It is taking me a lot longer to do this, but at least it is actually getting done properly. The pictures are of my hall closet that we have made into a pantry, of sorts. The desk, which was a horror show. Honestly it was like at the circus, where the clowns just keep coming out of the car. My husband couldn't believe how much stuff had been stacked, piled, and crammed in, around, under and on my desk. It was spread all over the kitchen table and counters. I really should of taken before pics of the closet and desk before I cleaned, but wouldn't of wanted anyone to of seen it!

I have come to the conclusion that I am a hoarder. It has taken me a long time to accept that. I always thought I was a person that came across great deals. Someone who liked to be prepared. Even my stocking up on enough Kleenex to keep us going for a few years didn't help it register in my head. After all it was a good deal, I actually made money buying the Kleenex. So in my head it was justified that I was able to line the closet to the ceiling. lol. Now don't get me wrong, coming to accept that I am a hoarder does not mean I am planning on stopping! I love getting a deal. Its a real rush. But I do need to prioritize until I have more space to put my "deals."

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