Friday, September 19, 2008

Just another day

Today was a whirl wind of activity. I drove Kristin to her friend to school this morning. We car pool with this friends Mom as the school is a 20 minute drive away. So getting the girls up and ready in the morning is not one of my favourite things, perhaps its because I am not much of a morning person myself! My kids seem to take after me, lol. They need a little(okay a lot) encouragement to get moving. Hanna and Leah always greet me with wonderful moods and that lasts a short while, until the get frustrated over something. Kristin hates getting up and needs her time to wake up fully before she is her genial self. I have learned to leave her be, as much as I can.
So after the trip to school we needed to stop at the grocery store and get some milk. I use these trip as an opportunity to point out to Hanna and Leah colours and shapes. I ask them "what do you see?" and they come up with some great things, in toddlerease that is.
So after we got home and had lunch and playtime, it was nap time. Ahh some days (okay most day!) It is my most looked forward to time of day. I actually get to accomplish something, or sit down and read something etc. But today because I was not feeling well, and because the girls have not been feeling well or sleeping well, I was really tired. I decided to have a nap when they did.
I was to watch two other children this evening from suppertime till 8:30, so I needed some energy. I will have them again for 6 or 7 hours tomorrow.
I sure hope I get some sleep tonight....
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