Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A cozy Bed

This morning after I changed the sheets and was making up my bed, I was thinking about how cozy it looked. I always make my bed. The rest of the room could be a mess but the bed is made! There is something very restful about a made bed.
A freshly made bed just begs to be crawled into! So cozy. I love a bed with crisp fresh heavy cotton sheets for most of the year, especially if the sheets have been hung to dry on the line. Aaahhh.. In the winter warm thick flannel sheets with a thick down duvet is the making of sweet dreams. I love quilts. I love handmade quilts. Oh, to travel through Amish country with a purse full of money and leave with a trunk full of their beautiful quilts. I have made one quilt by hand. It was for my oldest daughters first birthday. It wasn't a very detailed design, but I gave lots of attention to detail, and I hope it is something she will treasure forever. I have made some very elaborate squares by hand that are all diamonds sewed intricately together. I would like to make another quilt, a big one this time. I think I will do the top by machine for durability and the actual quilting by hand. Yes another great project for someone that has no time, lol.
Maybe beds appeal so much to me right now because crawling into one and sleeping until I am completely rested seems like it would be bliss...I dream of a vacation where I could sleep for a while week, as much as I want. Well and take pictures too :)

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