Monday, October 27, 2008


I love orchids. I have grown them for quite a few years and used to belong to a orchid club. That was before having kids! Anyway, I downsized my orchid collection years ago because of having so little time or space to grow them. The past couple years I have added a few here and there. I have been fortunate to get some at our local grocery store after they had finished blooming for only $5 a piece. It is a lot of fun to bring them back to a healthy state (usually they are one step from death, having bloomed for so long)and watch them grow and eventually bloom. It is always interesting to see what they will look like.
This is a picture of a few of my collection,

I have a small green house that I can keep them in 3 seasons of the year. I don't have a heated one so I must bring them in when it gets colder but being in the west our weather is great for a long time. The definitely benefit from the mild weather.

The picture at the very top is one of my "bargain orchids" that is blooming for me right now. :)
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