Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Yesterday I had fun taking pictures at a lagoon, while my Daughter was at a birthday party. There were some little birds that I wanted to take pictures of, unfortunately they weren't co-operative! They sure were noisy little things.
Anyways, the view was lovely.

There were a few lonely flowers, and one lone apple tree. I love coming across fruit trees like this! Probably sown by some tossed core...

I found a tree, (not sure what kind) that was swarming with bee's. Unfortunately, what ever was attracting the bee's was also attracting yellow jackets. I flirted with getting stung to get a few pictures. I am allergic so I try to minimize my chances of getting stung. But this was just too good of an oppotunity to pass up. The sun was filtering onto the bee's and they were enjoying drinking what was on these flowers.
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