Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She likes rock n roll

I have a confession. I LOVE AC/DC. They are my guilty pleasure (well one of them) They have been my favourite band since I was 12. I have "you shook me" as my ringtone on my Blackberry (Which is my fav song of theirs). At a place I used to hang out at when I was "younger" and "wilder", the DJ used to put the song on as soon as I arrived. These days I am pretty much a closet listener because it is in direct contrast with my Mommy image lol. Not that I am trying to portray myself as something I am not. It usually just doesn't "fit" anymore. Which I guess is just silly. I heard their concerts are a real mix of age, children and Grandparent.
I have waited with much anticipation for the release of their new album. There was the odd song played on the radio stations. Anyway, I got the album tonight and was not disappointed.
They will be in concert near us soon. Unfortunately the concert sold out in 11 minutes (I believe that was what I was told)
I haven't given up on winning tickets to see this tour. At their age I don't think they will be doing many more tours.... :(

ps. She likes rock n roll (the title to this post) is one of their new songs :)
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