Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Adopted Cat

This morning Meep Meep came scratching on the door, as usual. I love this cat so much. He lives up the road and around the corner and I know his name because it is on his name tag. I have met his owner, because he was lost once and I phoned the number off the posted on the telephone pole. He is huge, he obviously likes his food. When you pick him up you can give him a hug he's so big. He hangs out at our place all day, mostly in the back yard. When he gets lonely he scratches on door or the window. He walks in like he owns the place. Frankly I am not sure when he does go home because, pretty much any time, day or night that I go outside he is there. We don't feed him, because of course then he would never leave. I would be completely willing to have him, but I figure if I love him this much, he must be loved a lot by his owner. His owner is young and I think between her work and life, she is busy and he is not getting all the attention he wants. My oldest daughter plays with him and drags sticks around for him to chase. My twins think that "Meep Meep" means "Cat". "Meep Meep" of course is the sound that the road runner makes :) I don't mind being his adopted family. He chose us and we like having him around
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