Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a weekend!

What a weekend! My oldest went to Brownie camp on Friday night, after school and the schools fun fair. She was at camp for two nights and had a great time. The house sure was quiet without her. I had the opportunity to take some pictures on Saturday at the rail yards of a beautiful girl named Hannah. She was so much fun to take pictures of. Here are a few of them,

Of course I had to get a few random picture in,
Then after picking my daughter up on Sunday we stopped at the lagoon to feed the geese. Well these geese and ducks were not afraid of anyone with food! I had a hard time taking any pictures because they were right in the camera, literally. I did manage to get a few. This one I liked because you can see Kristin and my reflection in its eye :)

This beautiful swan was making his presence know to all the others, puffing up and pushing his way around.

I know there are lots of people who think that seagulls are a nuisance. I like them. I couldn't imagine going to the water and not having them. Think how it empty it would seem without seeing their antics and calls while at the ocean...

The day was overcast and a rainy at times, but nothing that a few boaters would worry about.

Then as we were driving from the water, home.. we came across these sweeties. The pictures are not good because I took them from the car. But what doll's. It sure made Kristin's day.

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