Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have mentioned in other posts about the water view we have. We are not water front (I wish!) but we are only a stones throw from it. Tonight I saw the biggest moon rising. I headed to the end of our road, where there is a sitting area and a small boat launch. Of course by the time I got down there the moon was behind some clouds. I still took a few pictures and thought I would post them. I love being close to the water. The picture below, you can see part of the large park that is just a road over from us. Long ago the part that you see, had a bathing house and a tea house. There are still people who look for items from those days, coins and jewellery I imagine. Around the corner to the right of the picture is an inlet that is now part of a estuary. A couple years ago the city connected it too a stream and planted sedge grass to attract fowl. We do see some very unique birds around here.
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