Monday, October 13, 2008

I went thrift store shopping on Saturday. This is certainly one of my favourite past times! I love finding deals. I am usually only looking for clothes for my kids. Frankly, I think I will be shot if I bring anything else into the house before our renovation is finished. However, I did manage to sneak a couple little things into the house without them being noticed. Then being the person that I am I told John about them anyway! I can't be sneaky about anything, so I don't know why I even try. I had seen a lovely idea on a wonderful blog ( It involved using a candle stick, glass plate and a cheese dome. I thought the idea was lovely and imagined my vintage Christmas ornaments under the glass.... So I kept this in mind while I was out. I was able to get a very nice crystal bowl from France and a crystal candle stick from Austria for $1 each. So I made a stemmed bowl instead.
I also found a really nice hurricane lamp with a ceramic base, it has rosebuds on it. I have a couple hurricane lamps and love them. I have been searching for some old Pyrex bowls with the Amish design on the sides. I haven't seen any for a long time, of course, since I started looking :)
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